Website Frustrations

This rant is not about this blog. It is about another website I own. This other website has been up & running for just over a year.

The only monetization in place (so far) is Adsense. The site consistently makes around $125 per month from Adsense, but after paying the hosting cost of $150 per month, it’s still in the red.

The most frustrating part of all is that it takes me about 4 to 5 hours a week to keep it updated. And the updating is not as interesting as writing blog posts. The work involved in updating the website is totally mundane, brainless work, and most of the time I absolutely hate doing it.

I work 4 to 5 hours a week to make -$25. How crazy is that?

For reasons I won’t mention here, I can’t just shut it down.  Anyone interested in buying it? A few (rounded) statistics:

  • 12,000 visits / month
  • 7,500 unique visitors / month
  • 180,000 pagesviews / month

I think the site has HUGE potential if promoted and expanded correctly, but being my first internet business, I made a few mistakes at the beginning – I will likely elaborate on my “lessons learned” in a future post.

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