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Ultimate Granola Recipe (with Oats, Honey, Trail Mix, and other great ingredients)

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I’m not much of a cook, but I do make my own granola, and I eat it every morning. It’s pretty healthy stuff, and tastes fantastic too if I do say so myself (credit goes to my mother, actually, who taught me how to make it).

Here it is. Make it tonight and start eating it tomorrow morning:


  • Oats (whole grain large flake oats – I use Quaker oats) – 1.5 kg
  • Canola Oil – 0.25 cups (I use coconut oil instead because I’m told it is healthier – I think you might only be able to get coconut oil at health food stores?)
  • Wheat bran - 1.25 cups
  • Oat bran – 0.5 cups
  • Wheat germ – 0.5 cups
  • Coconut – 0.5 cups (I’ve never put this in because I can never find any at the store – it’s still pretty darn good without it)

  • Honey – 250g
  • Trail Mix – 750g (you can use whatever kind of trail mix you want, or leave it out completely, but I think it is much better with it… I get mine at Food Basics and it is called “Fruit & Nut Mix” – has peanuts, apricots, raisins, other nuts, pineapple, papaya, banana chips, sunflower seeds, and probably other stuff I can’t remember)


  • Pyrex dish (mine is 15” x 10” x 2”) – see image above
  • Big bowl (mine has a diameter of 12.5” at the top, and is 5.5” tall)
  • Oven
  • Thing to stir with


  • Set oven to 350.
  • Put just enough oil in the Pyrex dish to cover the bottom (1/4 cup max). If you’re using coconut oil, it won’t be viscous enough to pour at room temperature, so you’ll have to melt it along with the honey (next step)…
  • Add in the honey and put it in the oven for 2-3 minutes (until the honey melts).
  • Take it out and add in these things in all at once: 1.25 cups of wheat bran, 1/2 cup of oat bran, 1/2 cup of wheat germ, 1/2 cup of coconut
  • Mix everything up & then stick it back in the oven for 5 minutes
  • Take it out and stir in as much oats as possible (minimum half of the oats – I usually manage to get 2/3 into my Pyrex dish), then put it back in the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Take it out & stir it and stick it back in for 5 minutes (once I didn’t stir it well and the bottom burned… so make sure you stir it thoroughly!)
  • Take it out, dump it all into the big bowl and de-clump it if necessary.
  • Add in the rest of the oats.
  • Stir it all & let it cool.
  • Mix in the trail mix (you can actually do this before it cools if you want).
  • Let it cool completely before putting it into bins (or whatever you plan on storing it in). The cooling will take a few hours. Then eat it. I don’t know exactly how much it makes, but it lasts me a few weeks.

You’re going to love it.


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