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Globalization & the Internet = Fantastic

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Here’s an example of how Globalization and the Internet helped me solve a problem yesterday…


I decided that I wanted to set up 2 new websites, partly because I wanted to experiment with different types of website functionality and CMS’s, and partially because who knows the websites might possibly become successful.

I wanted each of the websites set up with a different type of Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS basically allows a website owner to control and modify a website with very little (if any) technical knowledge.

I had already bought the domain names, and I have a web hosting account, but I know very little about hosting and how to use it.  After spending a frustrating hour trying to figure out how to get the CMS’s set up on my hosting and with my domain names (and getting absolutely nowhere), I decided to outsource.

THE SOLUTION: is a website that allows people to post projects (mainly computer software / website projects) that programmers (a.k.a developers) can bid on.

I posted a project description on, explaining that I wanted two websites set up with the two different CMS’s, and that I also wanted to be shown how to do it so that I could do it on my own next time.

I posted the project description at 9:45am. By 10:55am, I had received 12 different bids on the project from website developers, which ranged from $15 to $500 (the $500 bid was out to lunch; most of the bids were $50 or less).  The bids had come in from India, Pakistan, Serbia, Moldova, Ireland, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

I selected a $20 bidder to do the work, and after a couple quick emails back & forth to clarify the details, I headed out for meetings etc for the rest of the day.  When I returned to my computer in the evening, I had two new websites up & running (just shells basically, which I can now customize as I choose using the CMS’s) along with a clearly written explanation in my email inbox of how to duplicate the process for other websites.

I’ve outsourced like this before, but every time I’ve been quite impressed.  I don’t know exactly how much traffic gets but another similar website called (which I didn’t use because they have a $50 minimum bid) currently has over 40,000 “providers” registered to bid on projects, and 15,000 projects have been posted in the past 30 days …so you can see that outsourcing like this is quite popular, and many of the projects are much more extensive than mine.

Cool stuff, eh?