Joomla VS Drupal

I’m planning on having a new website built.

I want it built in such a way that I can easily manage it using a content management system (CMS) that anyone with no technical knowledge can easily use.

I also want it built using an free, popular, open-source CMS so that I can easily switch developers if I want to (I’ve made the mistake before of going with my developer’s own custom-built CMS; a decision which kind of screwed me on a previous site – I’ll save that story for another day)

Two of the major open source CMSs are Joomla and Drupal.  Not wanting to spend too much time deciding which one to use, figured I’d go with whichever is most popular.

After checking Google Trends to see which is searched for more…

…and after checking to find out which website  gets more traffic…

…I’m still at a loss.  Any suggestions from you readers?  (It’s going to be a simple, super-basic, e-commerce website, BTW, – a website with likely no more than 5 pages that will sell just 1 product)

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