Blog Posting Frequency (a.k.a. blogging goals)

Previously I stated that I’d be increasing the posts on this blog for this month.  So here we are at June 11, and this is my second post this month.  Not much of an improvement.  I should have known that with such a vague goal (“I am going to start posting more”) I wouldn’t accomplish much.

Today I heard a wise old blogger say that he was advised long ago to do 3 posts each day, and that it worked well for him.  So that is what I shall do for the rest of this month (excluding weekends).  You are reading the first post of today.  What will I write about?  Bah, I can figure out those details later.  Two more posts coming very soon.

The wise blogger also said that he spends 2-3 hours a day blogging .  I’m more into passive traffic (and income) generation, but what the heck – I can handle it until the end of the month, to see what happens.

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